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At the Service of Turkish Industry...

‘Çetin Endüstri was established in 1990 by bringing together expert personnel in their fields. It has become one of the most progressive companies in the sector with its uncompromising quality policy, production and supply chain since the day it was founded.

  • Our quality policy
  • On time delivery,
  • Auditing our suppliers,
  • Continuous training of our employees,
  • Continuous renewal of our machinery and casting track,
  • summarized as...
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32 Years


Always With You...

Çetin Endüstri, which adopts the principle of investing in the future in every project created, is always at the service of our valued customers with environmentally friendly solutions...

  • Being the first to implement innovations in the sector,
  • Protecting our values,
  • Creating employment in the shipping industry,
  • Providing a working environment with team spirit,
  • To always stay in contact with our customers,
  • To always improve ourselves in occupational health and safety,

Always with you for 32 years...


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